What are the largest and smallest diameters that Grizzley is capable of running?

2-5/8" diameter is the largest and 1/16" is the smallest.

What are Grizzley's material capabilities?

We manufacture products from Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Aluminum, Plastic and Exotic Metals.

Do you make your own form and shave tools?

Yes, our full service tool room designs and produces all tooling to support our milling and screw machines.

How many types of machines do you currently have in operation?

We own New Britain, Hardinge, Feeler, Warner & Sawsey, Kent-Owens (Excello), Alliant, Cincinnati, Kalamazoo, Chevalier, Benchmaster and other miscellaneous equipment. We share production time on our CNC Lathes and Milling machines with one of our partners.

Can you provide lot control, RoHS and REACH compliance?

Yes, we provide a Certificate of Conformance on all orders.

What is the typical run size of orders Grizzley will accept?

We can run 1-4 pc prototype jobs and production runs from 100 pcs to 1 million pcs. For best pricing, 500-1000 pc minimums are the most cost effective and absorb the machine set-up costs.

Can you provide plating, anodizing and heat-treating?

Yes, we partner with several plating, anodizing and heat-treating facilities in LA and Orange county.

What is a typical lead time for 500 to 5000 pieces?

It depends on part size. A small 5/8" diameter brass washer or bushing takes about 2 weeks to run 30,000 pcs. A 4-1/2" long threaded 5/8" hex head custom bolt takes about 2 weeks to run 5000 pcs.

How soon can you start running my order?

It depends on how busy we are at the time, typically we can produce your tooling and have the material to start running within 1 week from receipt of your Purchase Order.