Grizzley's 6-Spindle New Britain's are multiple-spindle lathes. We currently run (3) Model 52's [1-1/4" capacity] and (2) Model 62's [2-1/4" capacity]. These are high speed automatic screw machines that outpreform CNC machines and produce parts at a much lower costs.

They operate in an indexing manner, starting in the No. 6 position where overall length is set and cutoff takes place. Moving into the No. 1 position, forming, turning, drilling and knee tooling is started. At No. 2, the main drilling is accomplished, along with additional box and knee tooling. At No. 3, more drilling takes place, along with finish form and recess work. Moving to No. 4, more drilling, knee tooling, forming, shaving, tapping, recessing and turning can take place. The No. 5 position offers the main threading work, OD/ID positioning and recess knurling.

Secondary through Shipping After going through the 6-spindle operation, components are then moved to the secondary operations machines (cross drilling and threading, etc) for additional specified work until ready for washing and packaging by the Grizzley shipping department.

Depth of Tooling & Machining Experience Grizzley's highly skilled operators and tooling specialists can achieve longer part lengths and manufacture difficult components on these machines, where other Screw Machine shops will turn down your RFQ because they don't have the 40+ years experience running difficult jobs. A huge advantage for our customers besides our diverse product capabilities is Grizzley's ability to make our own tooling. Many shops depend on other facilities and that can significantly delay the entire project. That's one of the key advantages at Grizzley. We have great turnaround performance. What can take another shop two or three weeks to get the tooling ready takes us usually one or two days. When you have rush work, Grizzley International Metal Products is the shop to choose.

New Britain 6-Spindle Screw Machine outside

New Britain 6-Spindle Screw Machine inside